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Rosemary from Taunton says:

"When Jack, my 8 year old Patterdale, went for his first treatment with Vreli he was screaming out in pain. After one treatment there was no more screaming and he was a much more relaxed dog. He had two further treatments and at his next agility show he won all tree classes. A fantastic result and I can't speak highly enough of the work that Vreli did with him."

Michelle from Devon said:

"thanks ever so much for everything you have done this weekend, you will be pleased to know harvey was happy enough to actually jump up at me this morning, not something he has managed for a while now! "

Pam from Portland

"I am really pleased in Sam's change after just one visit. Sam is a new dog, he has been for a couple of very short walks and actually broke into a trot on a couple of occasions, he hasn't done that in a while "

Amanda from Barnstaple said

"you will be glad to know that Maddie is back to her normal self (that I haven’t seen for well over 4 months), she jumped fine at the show this Sunday, didn't touch a pole AND she was fast (for her that is). "

Therapeutic Canine Massage

Massage therapy for dogs in Devon and the South West, improving mobility, maintaining fitness, supporting orthopaedic conditions and pathologies, rehabilitation following injury or surgery.

Massage is the oldest form of complimentary therapy, for thousands of years it has been used to work on the muscles and deep tissues of the body.  Applied correctly, by a trained professional canine massage therapist, all dogs can benefit from this natural management of the musculoskeletal system.

Perhaps your dog has had injury from playing, undergone surgery, suffers from an orthopaedic condition or is just finding that old age does not come alone, massage can help support, rehabilitate and make them more comfortable.

Does your dog work, competes in trials, schutzhund, agility, obedience or other sports?  All sports people have access to a sports masseuse to keep their bodies in prime condition and help recover from injury.  Now it is possible for our working and sports dogs to benefit from massage therapy.

If you show your dog you want them to be fit and moving fluidly around the ring, massage can help achieve good overall balance and range of movement.

Can massage help your dog?

Yes, it can.

Riaflex Now stocking Riaflex Canine Joint Plus HA

Let me know what you need and you can collect from me at any shows I'm attending


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